Anxiety-free dental visits with sedation dentistry!

We understand that going to the dentist can be an extremely stressful experience for many people, unfortunately causing some patients to decline crucial dental treatments. We are proud to offer oral conscious sedation to qualifying patients to ensure a comfortable, relaxing experience.

  • Alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Get the dental treatments you need
  • Look forward to your next dental visit

Additional Information

Once we have chosen the best anti-anxiety medication and dosage for your needs, we will administer the medication and closely monitor you to ensure your health and safety. Please be aware that you must have a responsible adult to drive you to and from your appointment, and monitor you for some time afterwards, until the medication’s effects have dissipated.


Why oral conscious sedation?

Oral conscious sedation can help alleviate not only high anxiety and extreme stress, but also back or neck issues that may be exacerbated through being seated in dental chairs.

Are there any risks and side effects?

Oral conscious sedation is very safe. You probably won’t remember much of the treatment and won’t feel much (if any) pain after your visit.  You may experience dry mouth and intermittent hiccups.

Will my cleaning be covered by my insurance?

Many insurance plans will cover this treatment. Please feel free to call our office at 604-531-2999 for additional information regarding your coverage.

  • I feel right at home at Crescent Park Dental. You guys and girls ROCK!

  • I never believed that going to the Dentist could be an enjoyable experience but Dr. Lange and her staff make the trip as good as it can get!

    Jaswant D
  • This was my first experience with Crescent Park Dental. They were very friendly and professional. My filling was done quickly and pain free and I can’t even see I have a filling.

    Tracy A
  • I recently had to have a veneer to repair a chipped tooth. I had minimal discomfort. Every time I am treated at Crescent Park Dental I am put at ease.

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